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Welcome to the 4 Week Rediscovery Reset!

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The 4 week Rediscovery Reset course was made for those seeking to rediscover a path back to self care however are unsure where to start or how to fit it into their already busy schedule. 


In as little as 5 minutes a day, you are provided with ready for you exercises in journaling, meditation, mindfulness, breathwork and sleep.  With multiple options in each category, you can pick and choose which activity best fits your needs and your available time frame, even if only 5 minutes.  Find you have a little extra time?  Choose two or more activities in a row or multiple per day.

  • Your course includes five activities for each of the five self care categories- journal, meditation, mindfulness, breathwork and sleep- a total of twenty five activities to pick and choose from for the four weeks of the course, as well as five corresponding audio recordings for activities where it is helpful to have a guided voice recording. 

  • Over the course of four weeks, use the ready for you activities provided in the course to begin to incorporate self care into your daily routine.  Each activity, as well as the layout of the course, was created to be easy to access and fit into your schedule with a minimal time commitment, allowing you to still be able to take time for yourself, even on your busiest days.  If you find you have more time available, you have the option to explore more than one activity, or choose an activity that does not have a set time, such as the journaling activities, sound or walking meditations, or extending the time of the mindfulness practices.


  • If you need additional resources to support you in incorporating  the exercises included in this course into your schedule, review our  planning, scheduling and suggestions for success documents where you will find helpful suggestions and simple, optional weekly planning worksheets to assist you in prioritizing time to begin and continue your self care journey. 

Why begin at 5 minutes?

While we may have the desire to commit more time to our self care,  finding time for ourselves within our busy schedules and work, family and general life obligations can be a challenge that seems insurmountable- however it is possible!   Even short periods of  self care can have a positive effect on wellness.


In a 2015 study exploring the use of five minute mindfulness meditation activities for stress reduction, researchers found that study participants exhibited a significant reduction in stress levels after completing regular five-minute mindfulness meditation exercises- suggesting that even five minutes of meditation can be effective in improving wellbeing.

Included in your course: 

~Journal -4 Week Rediscovery Reset Journal- available in a printable PDF or use your      own!

~Meditation- 5 activities with three corresponding guided voice recordings

~Mindfulness- 5 activities

~Breathwork- 5 activities

~Sleep- 5 activities including two corresponding guided voice recordings and a              printable PDF sleep journal

-Weekly planner and weekly check in worksheets and suggestions for success to help     incorporate the self care activities into your routine.

~The 4 Week Rediscovery Reset activities and tools are yours to use indefinitely after purchase; use for the four weeks of the course to get started on your path to self care, or use regularly after the four weeks if desired.

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Begin your journey here...

4 Week Rediscovery Reset Course $47.00

* The information contained in this website and all related links and downloads was created for informational and educational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or counseling, psychotherapy, or mental health care, and should not be treated as such. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified medical and/or mental health provider with any questions you may have regarding medical or mental health conditions, questions or concerns.

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